Finding Poetry in an Odd Place

Today’s Poetry Lesson in my classroom is about wondering poems. This week’s One Little Word/Word Up Challenge is to the word THINK. So… as I was thinking about the fact that it’s been one year since my surgery, perhaps I should combine the two and create a layout based off of that.

When thinking back about the past year, it’s been full of ups and downs. (Most recently, this week, when I had a facet injection into one of the joints in my neck.) Yet, I think I’m lucky. (I know I am.) You see, before the surgery, I was afraid of the “What if…” For instance, ‘What if the surgeon messes up and severs a nerve?’ Highly unlikely, but not impossible.

I think I’m lucky to have a scar that is almost faded and people who help me with the everyday things I still cannot do. (For instance, yesterday, my students carried my assessment materials to and from the classroom to the room where I was working. They did it… no questions asked… because they knew I needed help.)

So, with that, here is my Word Up: Think Submission, which is doubling as my demo/inspiration for my minilesson later today.


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