Too Cool for School

I couldn’t put my arm around my grandmother? Was I too cool for that or were my hands cold and in my pockets? I really don’t recall. However, when I look at this photo, the first thing that pops into my mind is, “I’m too cool for school!”

I was 9 1/2 years old when this photo was taken in Florida with my Grandmother on the catwalk of her condo. I don’t think we were doing anything special, but for some reason, one of my parents must have taken our photo. (Did I think that belt was cute? Did I think I looked adorable and asked to have the photo taken? Still not sure.)

My grandmother died last year, at the age of 92 1/2. I miss her much more than I ever thought I would. For months I couldn’t take her off of my speed dial on my cell phone. There have been countless times I’ve gone to call her and have stopped, realizing that she’s not there. So many everyday moments I wanted to share with her… but couldn’t.

So now, I’m taking her old photo albums and preserving them by either scanning them and/or putting them in a brand new album where they are mounted on paper that won’t suck the life out of the photos. (I find myself growing frustrated with the project because she kept her old photos so poorly: many were scotch taped into the albums! Argh! However, she kept the post-1977 photos much better. Hence, photos like this one, of the two of us, are a-okay. ) Even when I find myself getting annoyed by the way she kept her photos, I’m glad she kept everything and labeled them, even if it was across the front of some of the pictures. Redoing her album makes me feel close to her, even though she’s no longer here.

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3 responses to “Too Cool for School

  1. What a great relationship you had with your grandmother. I’m very jealous. I did not have good relationships with grandparents — distance and their meanness tended to get in the way. I love that picture — even though you are too cool to put your arm around your grandmother, you aren’t pulling away from her. You both look so beautiful together.

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  3. Wow Stace, I didn’t realize how long it had been since I’ve been over here. You’ve been busy. I think it is so neat that you are finding a connection to your grandmother and yourself and your stories through this project. I can’t wait to see more.

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