Photo Fridays: Lucky

Part of the Full-Arch Rainbow – Sargasso Sea

Originally uploaded by teachergal

Last week my husband and I took a cruise in and out of New York. We spent the last day on and off of the seventh floor deck on the ship walking, taking photos and admiring how lucky we were to have had a chance to celebrate six months of being married in this way.

As we were about to leave the deck to head inside, we noticed a rainbow developing on the starboard side. It was small and faint. We were impressed, but not enough to take a photo.

When we got downstairs for dinner, we looked out the window and noticed the rainbow had become brighter and bigger. In fact, I noticed that it extended into the clouds and arched over widely to the other side of the water. It was amazing… something I had not seen in a long time.

I hesitated leaving our dinner table to take a picture back on the seventh deck, but I couldn’t help myself. I got up and did just that. This is one of the the three photos of the amazing rainbow we saw our last night on-board our cruise. I feel completely fortunate to have seen a rainbow with this kind of beauty.

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