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Laminted Bookmarks for Reading Workshop

Character Traits Bookmarks for Reading Workshop


I’ve been sitting making cards…

Birthday cards for my students, to be exact. Here’s a peek at some of the work I did this morning for the September, October, and November birthdays.

Joy… Happiness… New Possibilities

Card for N.G.

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I created this card last night for one of my friends. She’s due in early October. I saw her last week and she looked wonderful: pregnancy definitely suits her. So, I thought I’d make her a card. Kind of a “hello,” kind of a “I’m thinking of you,” and kind of a “I’m happy for you.” 🙂

A card for a friend

OLW Reminder for a Friend

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A reminder card to a good friend about her One Little Word for 2008.

Newest Handmade Card Creations

Random Thank You Cards

A thank you note

Responsive Classroom

Last week I started thinking, as I was looking at the Hopes & Dreams Sheets each parent did for his/her child at Open House in Sept., that it would be nice if I wrote a Hope & a Dream for each of my students to leave with at the end of June. Hence, I decided to do just that and wrapped them up in decorative boxes (Fresh Paint: Die-Cut Boxes by Marcella K; available at Target) with embellishments (included) and brads (that I had).

I’m pretty happy with the results. Hopefully the kids will appreciate what’s inside these boxes, and not just the boxes themselves.

Hopes & Dreams Gift Boxes, originally uploaded by teachergal.

Mini Course: Session Two

We mostly made thank you cards today, though some kids made birthday cards.

Some assorted photos: