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Laminted Bookmarks for Reading Workshop

Character Traits Bookmarks for Reading Workshop


More Bookmarks

More Bookmarks, originally uploaded by teachergal.

All of the bookmarks for the kids are finished! 🙂

Preparing for Pesach

I think that I laminated most of the recipes for our Seder last night. (All that’s missing is dessert and I think we’re going to have other people bring that.)

Middle of the Night Scrapbooking & Laminating

I woke up at 2:45 a.m. and couldn’t sleep. By 4:00 a.m., I had the brilliant to create new name tags for my students’ desks. I used Smilebox for this and then laminated them with my Purple Cows Laminator.


Mini Problem Solving Cards

These cards will be going on each student’s desk when we return from vacation.

Materials Needed to Create: 20 individual pieces of DCWV’s “Glitter Mat Stack,” scotch tape, scissors, printer, colored paper, laminator, and laminating pouches

Math Problem Solving Mini Cards for Desks

Originally uploaded by teachergal

This is what happens when you try to laminate something with crystal brads!