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Positive Behavior

Too often, as teachers, we recognize and send home notes about bad behavior. At the end of last year, I started to send home notes about positive behavior. And now, I’m on to notes directly to my students about their positive behavior. This is what a sample of the notes I’m giving to ten of my students looks like today.

After all, it really isn’t easy to be green!


Morning Work Assignments

I LOVE this new chart I created. I spent forever on the lettering, but I’m so pleased with the way it looks:

Boring No More!

I’m in the midst of sending some photos to friends. Because of the dimensions of the photos, the best envelopes to use are business envelopes (#10). How boring! I decided to jazz them up by adding stickers to the back:

Together Microsoft Publisher & the RIRC helped me to create…

Cute thank you note postcards!