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Photo Fridays: Butterflies

Butterfly Mobile

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I created a Butterfly Mobile in ceramics with some cookie-cutter butterfly shapes, which I pressed to flatten (the wings). I glazed them with antique blue and a raspberry colored glaze. The other night I got some purple string and strung them up.

These are a gift for my brother-in-law’s girlfriend who loves butterflies. I hope she enjoys it as much as I enjoyed creating it for her.

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And now the writing must begin…

The “Document a Week in Your Life” Challenge, hosted by Ali Edwards, is now over. Hence, I have to get on the ball with writing up my week!

My week is documented with raw images on Flickr.

DAY IN A SENTENCE: Red, White & Blue

Silos at Sunset

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Today is September 11th, 2008.

It’s the seven year anniversary of the day America was attacked.

But still, we are free.

Whether it’s on a small farm or at the State House, it seems that Old Glory flies proudly.

My D.i.a.S. is: I’m proud to be an American.

R.I. Statehouse at Dusk

Give Me Five

Henry K. and Rosemary Wong’s Book gave me the signal “Give me five!” when I want to get my students’ attention.

Less than 13 hours to go ’til the kids come, and I realize I didn’t have my “Give Me Five” Signs up in my classroom! Ack!

Here’s what I created. (I used my own hand with Rhonna Farrer Paper in the background.)
give me five

Photo Fridays & Day in a Sentence: Shabbat Dinner


Originally uploaded by teachergal

A few pre-Shabbat Dinner Photos and my Day in a Sentence:
Making challah from scratch makes Shabbos Dinner more meaningful for me.

we ate a stuffed turkey later

homemade challah

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DAY IN A SENTENCE: Yankee Stadium

I had the chance to see the new Yankee Stadium today AND got to walk on the field of the present one.

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I saw this sign and had to take a photo!

I can’t believe the City of NY spent money on so many of these. There’s a bike path on the street I was on when I took this, but how many people are really reading (and listening to) signs like this? It’s a smart sign and I WISH people would truly share the road, but I think the money for signs like this could’ve been better spent somewhere else.