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I’m trying to catch-up on all of the Word Up Challenges from the summertime. This is my “be” layout, which I created on Smilebox. I still have the following words left to go:

  • choose
  • faith
  • if
  • love
  • now
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    DAY IN A SENTENCE: Red, White & Blue

    Silos at Sunset

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    Today is September 11th, 2008.

    It’s the seven year anniversary of the day America was attacked.

    But still, we are free.

    Whether it’s on a small farm or at the State House, it seems that Old Glory flies proudly.

    My D.i.a.S. is: I’m proud to be an American.

    R.I. Statehouse at Dusk

    Color Schemes

    I love the color schemes listed on Big Picture Scrapbooking’s Page.

    Click here to view them.

    SOLSC: Being Positive

    At first, I was sad when I reached the end of the day and only had one of my former students’ Summer Adventure Packets in my hand. On one hand, I’d worked so hard on them. On the other hand, they were optional.

    So, I decided to focus on the positive. I put together the most amazing 5th Grade Survival Kit I could possibly create for the student who completed her packet (and then some) over the summer. This is what it looks like:

    Give Me Five

    Henry K. and Rosemary Wong’s Book gave me the signal “Give me five!” when I want to get my students’ attention.

    Less than 13 hours to go ’til the kids come, and I realize I didn’t have my “Give Me Five” Signs up in my classroom! Ack!

    Here’s what I created. (I used my own hand with Rhonna Farrer Paper in the background.)
    give me five

    Wordle Lately???

    Photo Galaxy

    Click on this image to learn more about this nifty new tool from Flickr, which Kevin has generously experimented with for the Photo Fridays Crew.